Also known commonly as restorative justice, transformative justice is an alternative form of justice to the regular court system.  

It encourages rehabilitation, accountability and healing as it's focus rather than simply incarceration and punishment. It takes many forms and is constantly evolving and changing lives for  the better.

 Below are some videos and links that can help you understand how it works, who it helps, why it's necessary.  

This page will  include testimonials from our staff, community members and more on why Transformative Justice is so important for our communities. 


Holistic treatment of the individual

Transformative justice focuses on the mind, body and soul of the individual as well as their individual and collective past, present and future.  Intergenerational violence and trauma is approached with respect and knowledge.


COMMUNITY AND culture  based justice and indigenous law

The inclusion of the victim as well as community members such as elders, healers and justice workers work towards creating a culturally sensitive and appropriate solution for the individual that will move towards long term health and rehabilitation. 


accountability and goal based

The individual is encouraged to take full responsibility for their actions so that they may begin the road to healing and recovery.  This accountability encourages long term health and improving the rate of recidivism in the individual's life.